Amazing Kids & 1000 Brushing Kits!

Dr. Markarian visited several elementary schools this spring to teach kids how to take care of their teeth.

Schools visited:

  • In Smithton and Whiteside: Smithton Elementary, St. John the Baptist, Whiteside Elementary, Shiloh Elementary, and Wolf Branch Elementary.
  • In Granite City: Wilson School and Frohardt (my grade school!).

Thanks to all of the schools for letting Dr. Markarian come in (again) and talk to the kids.

“This is one thing I really love to do and the kids are amazing to talk with,” said Dr. Markarian. ” I gave out about 1,000 brushing kits to the kids, and I hope they are using them!”

The picture is from Smithton Elementary.

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Dr. Markarian Named to Top Orthodontist List in St. Louis

6bd1fed79fd654955986c0ed2fe6b593Great new to report: Dr. Markarian was being named one of the Top Orthodontists in the St. Louis Area by St Louis Magazine.

The list is based on input and evaluations from thousands of dentists and professionals, and is a compilation of 300 dentists and specialists in the St. Louis area.

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